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Silicone Rubber Boot C30045


Quick Overview

Silicone Rubber Boot C30045

Silicone Rubber Boot C30045
Compatible withT-1 WT, T-1 NW, T-1 GT, T-1 SMC

ordering information

  • specify size with part number and color number (example: C30038-GXX-01)
  • for the combination of lamp and silicone rubber boot:
    specify lamp number and color number (example: OL-715-GXX-01)

technicality details

  • impervious to salt spray, direct sunlight and ozone
  • solvent resistance
  • temperature range -50° to +180° celsius
  • no discoloration after 5000 hours at +180° celsius
  • hardness 50 to 55 shore (Japan Industry Standard)
  • elongation 530%
  • tensile strength 83kg/cm²
  • tear resistance 20kg/cm²


  • specifications are subject to change without notice