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E-LED 14

Quick Overview

Eco-LED strip is a range of 6, 9, 12 and 14 LED rigid strip modules de-signed specially for the backlighting shallow light boxes and signs. And now with a lower power-consumption, easy plug-together series connection (up to 54pcs LEDs or 38Watts) but the same cut-to-length convenience and excellent wide beam angle making E-LED the ideal choice for backlighting indoor sign boxes.

Short form data sheet

Modules comprise high brightness, low energy and long-life (Epistar 2835 SMD) LEDs behind broad-beam lenses mounted on an aluminium heat dissipating PCB all encapsulated by a dust and touch protective coating.

Available in four lengths. Eco-LED strip can be cut down into shorter lengths by the user (at 83.6mm intervals and markings shown) making Eco-LED strip a very adaptable and economical lighting system for the sign maker.

Connection is by flying-lead and non-reversible plug & socket connector.

Each module has a peel-off, self-adhesive backing and provision for screw fixing all making for a fast and secure installation.


Sign applications including sign boxes as shallow as 30mm

Input Voltage24VDC (min 22.8 max 25.2)
Operating Current0.42A (Max.)
Operating Temp.-20 to 60ºC
Power Consumption10.08W (Max.)
DimensionsA: 1160 B: 78.2 C36.4
View Angle160º
Luminous Flux (Typ.)952lm 94lm/W
Colour Temperature (Typ.)6500K (range 6000-7000)
  • Wide beam 160°
  • Six, nine, twelve and fourteen EPISTAR 2835 SMD LEDs
  • Cut-to-length by single LED increments
  • High brightness and efficiency up to 94lumens/Watt
  • Fast installation and low maintenance
  • Dust and touch protective coating (IP33)
  • Normal indoor applications
  • Safe, low power operation (24VDC)
  • 5 years warranty and 22,000 hours to 70% light output