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NDIR Sensor Lamp OL-6803TPL-200 T-3/4 WT


Quick Overview

Wire Terminal

Bulb size2.26mm Dia.
Filament TypeC-2R
Bulb thickness (tube) mm-
Bulb thickness (top) mm-
Dimensions mmSee drawings
Voltage V5
Amps mA60
Watts W-
Luminous Intensity (MSCP) cd0.03
IR Rise-up time mSec-
Life hours40,000 (5VAC)
(1) Continuous ON hours20,000 (5VDC(1))
(2) One minute ON One minute OFF hours10,000 (5VDC(2))
  • High output of infrared light
  • Stable infrared output volume
  • Fast start time of infrared
  • Directivity Radiation
  • Very accurate filament position
  • Small
  • Long lasting
  • Withstand vibrations and shocks
  • Oshino Lamps can offer customized size lamps for customers